About me

My passion for imagery started with a mild case of dyslexia when I was a child. I decided that reading was far too much effort and found pictures way more exciting. This, coupled with a camera given to me by my grandfather, lead me down the path of making pictures.
I was always fascinated by light and shadow, ever since I can remember, I would be distracted by beautiful light. The light streaming through my classroom window, the high contrast shadow play caused by shafts of afternoon light streaming through my bedroom window...
My art progressed into moving pictures only once I discovered film school and the moment I looked through the lens of that super 16mm camera I was hooked for life.
Cinematography is indeed a lifestyle, how can it not be when something is your work but more so your passion and hobby.

My journey started with long form narrative. I very quickly learnt the importance of the community of skill on a film set. After shooting 5 feature films before 30 years old I moved into commercials.
I love the immediacy of the commercials world. A whirlwind of ego, creativity, passion, angst, love and funded by someone else... whats not to love.

I believe my cinematic style is heavily influenced by the fact that my skill was born out of narrative. I will always search for performance and am repelled by overly 'commercial' imagery.

Cinematography is an obsession....